Western New York 3D Shoots

2019 3-D Shoots

This is a list of local 3-D shoots and IBO qualifiers.
If your club is not listed on here but you have 3-D shoots that you want listed, contact Jill at Hideaway Archery.
All Shoots in Red are Shoots at Hideaway Archery (not 3D shoots)
All Shoots in Blue are IBO Qualifiers

12-14 Spring National
             Bluegrass Sportsmen’s League
             2500 Handys Bend Rd, Wilmore, KY
28         Falconer Rob and Gun
             Randolph Rod and Gun
5           Bear Lake Rod and Gun    ASA Qualifier 10am start,  walk-ons)
             Big Tree Sportsman
17-19 1st Leg National Championship Triple Crown                                        
               Pipestem Resort State Park
               3405 Pipestem Drive, Pipestem, WV
19          Falconer Rod and Gun
26           Carroll Rod and Gun
2           Big Tree Sportsman
9           Falconer Rob and Gun  
            Randolph Rod and Gun
14-16       2nd Leg National Championship Triple Crown Fairfax Recreation Area (Lake Monroe) 9301 S. Fairfax Rd, Bloomington, IN
16          Carroll Rod and Gun
23          Bear Lake Rod and Gun
             Falconer Rod and Gun
30          Randolph Rod and Gun
5-7          R-100    Pavilion, NY

7          Carroll Rod and Gun
            Falconer Rod and Gun    
12-14     3rd Leg National Championship Triple Crown, Two Mile Run County Park, 471 Beach Rd. Franklin, PA

14         Randolph Rod and Gun

             Evens Rod and Gun (ASA Qualifier and walk on)
 21        Bear Lake Rod and Gun
             Falconer Rod and Gun
28        Big Tree Sportsman
4        Carroll Rod and Gun      
8-11      IBO World Chamionship (must qualify)
             Snowshoe Mountain, 10 snowshoe drive, WV
11         Falconer Rob and Gun  
             Randolph Rod and Gun
18         Big Tree Sportsman
24         Cattaraugus Rod and Gun
25         Bear Lake Rod and Gun Chappy Outdoor/ Money shoot and walk ons
             Falconer Rob and Gun  
1         Big Tree Sportsman
8        Randolph Rod and Gun / Case Knife Shoot
           Falconer Rod and Gun
15        Bear Lake Rod and Gun
21        Cattaraugus Rod and Gun
29         Carroll Rod and Gun Annual Broadhead Shoot
Contact Information
Bear Lake Rod and Gun—Rudy Abersold– 716-397-9717
Big Tree Sportsman—Dave Ingerson– 716-338-6352
Carroll Rod and Gun– Tom Hagberg– 716-708-8509
Falconer Rod and Gun– Ron Reichardt– 716-708-8015
Randolph Rod and Gun– Grant Vincent– 716-499-2441
ASA Information-Rudy Abersold– 716-397-9717
IBO Information Larry John-719-487-6084

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